4. Lift and Slide Door System

Inoutic Lift and Slide System

Inoutic has introduced a perfect solution that most of the sliding doors in the market cannot achieve! Inoutic Lift and Sliding Door is capable of achieving a span of 3 meters wide per sash and carries a maximum weight of 300 kg per sash. This allows the installation of a large opening sliding panel with maximum opening view with ease of operation.

On top of this, the Inoutic Lift and Sliding System also provides perfect sound insulations, maximum water tightness, air/dust insulation, strong resistance to wind load. Homeowners now can enjoy their panoramic view with perfect atmosphere without any worry for security and insulation issues with Inoutic Lift and Sliding Door.

Features of Inoutic Lift and Sliding Door

Inoutic Lift & Slide doors provide panoramic view with opening of up to 6 meters on sash
Very Durable with advanced hardware, it carries per sash weight of 280 -300 kg
Large and easy opening, the door can slide smoothly without extra effort
High quality of sealed gasket around the sash and frame, offering water tightness, sound insulation, and dust proofing
uPVC provide superb thermal insulation, reducing energy cost and save your electric bill
Multipoint locking systems, protect your home from burglary
Inoutic Lift & Slide Doors, provide the perfect transition from your living area into the garden or terrace