5. Maintenance Tips

Inoutic recommends the following regular cleaning procedure:

1. Remove lime and mortar splashes

Avoid lime and mortar splashes on the profile, glazing and fittings. Both the profile and the glazing could be damaged and fittings jammed as a result of solidified mortar residue

2. Ventilate rooms several times a day

Incoming air, create a healthy indoor climate. Air out your living room enough at the best times daily, as a relative humidity can lead to mold growth

3. Do not use caustic fluids

Use a solution of mild dishwashing liquid. Do not use scouring agent or paint thinner. For stubborn dirt, always use special cleaning agents that can be obtained from the window supplier or from a window specialist

4. Regular cleaning on the outside

Clean the outside of your windows regularly. Pollen, tar or ferrous particles may be burned in by the sun’s rays. Once a layer has deposited it is not easy to remove.

5. Lubricate fittings

Lubricate the fittings at least once a year to ensure ease of movement at all times.

6. Tighten handles

Always tighten loose window handles. You can find the screws by lifting the cap under the handle and turning it out of the vertical into a horizontal position.

7. Care for the seals

Clean the seals in the frame twice a year with sealing agent e.g. talcum, deer tallow or silicon oil (from specialists), to keep them soft and in good working order. Damaged seals have to be replaced.

8. Clean drainage openings

Check the drainage openings in the frame profiles every now and again. Cleanliness is important for satisfactory drainage.