3. uPVC available profile colors

Inoutic Premium Colors

Inoutic premium colors permit you to create different optical effects to your creative architectural design to match both modern and traditional buildings. Unlike other foil, the foil used by Inoutic has been specifically developed for high temperature and UV resistance for climate like Asia. The high-performance materials guarantee an enduring product quality with no warping or peeling. The foil surface is designed to be easy to clean in particular, no painting is required for Inoutic laminated windows.

Inoutic Premium Color

Golden Oak Color


The natural color shades of the wood grain finishes blend perfectly with both traditional and modern architectural styles.



The elegant wood grain finishes excellently compliment the architecture of commercial and private home design



The lustrous S-Bronze is the latest color from Inoutic, suitable for those who love contemporary style. It accentuates the modern character of both private homes and commercial buildings.